What’s The Best Way To Get Out Of Jail?

The immediate goal of getting out of jail can be accomplished in several ways. Everything depends on the nature of the crime to which you are charged, your personal characteristics, and more. Read and learn more about what might be the best way for you to get out of jail.

Your Reputation Gets You Out of Jail – Some people can be released on what is called their own recognizance. This means the release is predicated on the understanding that you will obey certain restrictions and return to face your charges on the appointed date. Own recognizance releases are most closely associated with misdemeanor charges and a low-to-no criminal record by the alleged offender. Own recognizance releases are not secured by bail so no money is needed by the accused to gain the release. They must still abide by the rules and come back to court, or they will face an arrest and additional charges.

Your Word is Your Bond – This type of get-out-of-jail-free card is very similar to an own recognizance release. Here, there is a bond of a certain amount, but you can be released pending your court dates. As long as you behave and attend your hearings, the bond never needs to be paid. If you don't appear at a scheduled court date, a bench warrant is issued for your arrest. You will have to pay the bond to be released after such an arrest or you may not be offered bail at all due to your past behavior.

You Possess Lots of Cash – For most defendants, bail is offered at the time of the arraignment or bail hearing. Bail costs are based on the charges. More serious charges incur higher bail costs. Defendants who have close ties to the local community, have family nearby, are employed, and have no record of skipping bail previously are more likely to be offered bail. The amount, however, is another matter. Bail is often in the thousands of dollars – even for misdemeanor charges. If you "make" bail using this method and are released, you stand a chance of having your bail money refunded to you at the end of your case.

You Know a Guy – When the guy you know is a bail bonding agent, you are in luck. Actually, anyone can use bail bonding agencies and they are the best method of obtaining a jail release for most people. With bail costs being so high, bail bonding presents people with a more affordable option for getting out of jail. A mere percentage of the original bail is paid to a bail bonding agent, and they will personally appear at the jail and guarantee the bail. The percentage you pay is not refunded but it is only about 10% or so of the full bail. To find out more, speak to a bail bonding agent near you.